About Us

Let's talk service after the sale. At Shamrock Boat Sales we know that over the long term your well being is based upon service, A customer will make one or two trips to our business to purchase a new or used boat or motor. They may make as many as 10 or 20 trips to our service department for repairs and required maintenance over the time of their ownership. You can't fake great service. Did we earn the right to sell you your next boat or motor?

We must have been doing something right. Our staff has doubled over the past ten years. We have more Master mechanics and Certified mechanics than any other dealership in the State of Iowa. In fact we are often requested to assist in difficult diagnostic situations from other dealerships.

Our customers, through a manufacture survey, thought enough of us to allow Mercury to bestow upon us, one of the "Top Ten Customer Satisfaction Awards" in the nation. Out of 3500 dealers we consider this to be a great reflection of our relationship with our customers. In 1999 we again were selected in the top five- percent!

When contemplating where to purchase your next boat or motor take time to talk to a Shamrock Boat Sales customer. Ask yourself who can do the best job of keeping me sold on my boat rig over the years? That is easy to forget in the excitement of purchasing a new or used boat,

We know our prices are very competitive. Remember quality does not cost, it pays.

We are committed to your long term boating experience.

Thank You,
Shamrock Boat Sales